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About Applied Technical 服务
ATS is a consulting engineering firm with extensive testing and inspection capabilities. Since our founding in 1967, we have established a reputation with business, 行业, and the legal profession for successfully uncovering facts in 冶金 and Materials 测试, 化学 分析, Non-destructive 测试, Forensic and Consulting 工程, Fire and Explosion Investigations, and Calibration 服务.
We provide specialized testing and customized services for clients who need precise information using the finest field and laboratory equipment. More importantly, all our tests are performed in accordance with a Quality Assurance program satisfying nuclear, 军事, 航空航天, and commercial requirements.
We provide both laboratory analyses and field testing services. Our services vary from spectrographic analysis, to ultrasonic testing, to weld qualification, to obtaining and testing exemplar models for demonstrations and courtroom testimony. No matter what the task, the goal of ATS is to provide a professional enhancement of technical details so that the whole picture is clearer and easier to understand.
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